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We are
A group of 

We are community of Mexicans and lovers of Mexico around the world. Our structures and systems are based on social networks.

We aim to promote the Mexican culture, traditions, values and talents, generating a real positive impact, exalting Mexican banners.

We create a synergy, allowing the contact with our Mexican roots; reinforcing our identity and leading to a better productivity and efficiency of our members as part of the global community.


Becoming a member is free and none of our activities has a profitable goal.


The simple contact by email to

or to our social media open the doors to becoming a member.


Far from Mexico, and our environment, we seek to create dynamics that may impulse us to meet and keep in touch through our projects and events, and to become a solid support for our social and professional development.

Market &

Our community constitues also a market niche.

Together we can have a better view of our possibilités to adapt our skills to the swiss requirements.


We organize our activities by region.

Our intention is to link Mexicans living in the same region by events encouraging exchanges.

Meetings &

We want each region to have a meeting point.

We also organize general events for the entire community at least twice a year.